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60 min.
The red star

The story

It is 1989, shortly before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Representatives of the FRG, USA and Russia meet in Brühl Castle to sign a peace treaty. But not everyone likes it - the meeting is in great danger.

For some time now, German intelligence has had the Russian group "The Red Star" in its sights. News has just been received that their sleeper apartment has been discovered in the middle of Brühl and that an attack to prevent the peace treaty is imminent.

Your mission requires the utmost secrecy and precision: you must infiltrate the apartment, find out what the group is up to and foil their plan in order to save the peaceful revolution.
Do you have the confidence to do that?

Suitable for advanced and courageous groups of beginners.

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Best team

On 01.05.2022, the record time 31 minutes and 36 seconds was set in the Red Star by a team of two. Who will break the record?

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