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60 min.
The treasure of the Mayas

The story

Professor Antonio Ramirez is under urgent suspicion of having stolen the famous mask of Moctezuma - a Mayan sanctuary.

Can he, the respected professor really be the thief and did he hide the mask in his office?

Dive into the world of the professor and discover his dark secrets!

Your team of agents has 60 minutes to search the professor's office! Can you solve the professor's puzzles and secrets in that time?

Suitable for beginners and advanced.

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Treasure of the Maya - Professorship
The treasure of the Mayas


Professor Antonio Ramirez is a luminary in his field: as an expert on pre-Hispanic civilizations, no one can hold a candle to him. Even in his spare time, he searches for ancient treasures, just like his role model Indiana Jones - and his success proves him right.

But since his last trip, the professor has changed. He seems more and more peculiar and locks himself in his office for hours. His assistant Ernesto, who has accompanied him on his travels for years, suspects that it has something to do with the last excavation: Namely, the most important relic of the last excavation has disappeared, the golden mask of Moctezuma. Ernesto suspects that the professor might have something to do with it.

Your mission is to search the professor's office, find the mask and thus protect the university from a scandal.

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3 Spieler haben die Bestzeit von 25:56 min im Escape Room "Schatz der Maya" erreicht. Spielort: Agent Y in Brühl

Best team

Wir haben einen neuen Rekord! Am 27.10.2023 wurde der bisherige Rekord (28:30 min) geknackt: In 25:56 Minuten lösten drei Agenten den Fall “Der Schatz der Maya”. 

Das ist schon sehr schnell, mal sehen ob die Zeit überholt werden kann!

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